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I Helped Create A Website

Yes, you read that right. I have officially co-created a website called  Film Scopes . A site that talks about the scopes of films while reviewing them or giving an opinion about them while adding a rating of our own called the Scopo-Meter . One of the few reasons I haven't been actively blogging all that much is the amount of work I've been pouring into making this website run along with my partner aka my girlfriend, Ms. Srishty Alive. I'm mainly going to make this post about how the journey has been so far and what all difficulties have and may come along the way of creating our own website.  Ms. Srishty and I have been planning this since the last year or so, mainly our idea was to get a site up and running this year which would talk about films and their fun facts that only a few are blessed to know. By February, we decided to act on the idea and get things started. She had the contacts and I had the experience and thus our roles naturally fit into place. She would be t

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